Learning methods

You will find articles and videos on the online platform to get into the topic.

You will work on interactive case studies to apply your knowledge on the different topics.

You will choose one of the five topics for specialization and work on you own project.

You will prepare a presentation and write a report about the project and its relation to the other topics.



Cloud-based IT-Infrastructures


Advanced Manufacturing


Artificial Intelligence


Virtual Technologies


Tracking & Tracing

Course Levels


After a successful completion of a course in the Virtual Lab, you will receive a certificate from smart learning factory and the partner institutions of the course.


There are amazing career opportunities in the fields of Industry 4.0, IT and manufacturing. In the virtual lab you will gain important skills to be successful in large enterprises, SMEs and start-ups.

Every registered user will have free access to a trial course that will give you an insight into the virtual lab.

The Virtual Lab is made for advanced undergraduate students, postgraduate students as well as professionals. They should have a major in engineering, electronics or computer science. Basic programming skills and a basic understanding of manufacturing processes are needed. Sufficient English skills (C1) are required.

You will be able to implement Industry 4.9 applications in a manufacturing system. You will also receive a certificate, provided by smart learning factory and its partner institutions.